Divine Inspiration & Guidance: Intuitive Psychic Medium in Calgary

Divine Inspiration & Guidance: Intuitive Psychic Medium in CalgaryDivine Inspiration & Guidance: Intuitive Psychic Medium in CalgaryDivine Inspiration & Guidance: Intuitive Psychic Medium in Calgary

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What are Inspired Soul Sessions?


What do you get out of it?


Soul Sessions cover all areas of your life for a balanced view on your current circumstances that allows you to find your PURPOSE, Fulfillment and HEALING. 

I believe that our choices today will influence our tomorrow and therefore accessing your highest wisdom now becomes all important in determining your direction so that you can live consciously and with clear intention: being fully present in your soul's work and really make the most of your life moving forward. Some people describe me as a psychic medium; others a spiritual life coach or Intuitive Counsellor but the goal is consistently spiritual inspiration & insight. Inspired Soul Sessions in Calgary focus on using the information I get to help you grow!


About Me


My early career was somewhat different to what it is now! I was a professional singer and vocal coach in South Africa for 17 years. I absolutely loved teaching people and, more than that, helping them develop their sense-of-self-esteem so that they could live their best life BUT it was by sheer Divine Intervention that I discovered I had a pretty profound gift when I did an Animal communication course back in 2012 and discovered I was actually receiving accurate information about animals who'd crossed over! 

I was in disbelief for a while, until, without any warning or effort on my part-I started receiving clear detailed messages from my guides and people who'd 'crossed over'. Even though this was a huge surprise and shock to me at the time; I also trusted this was no accident, and was to be an important part of my life's work. 

This is truly not my career-this is my Soul's Purpose; and a real joy for me in every sense. What a wonderful experience it has been every step of the way! 


The Gift of Transformation

Every reading has rendered me more humbled by how amazing the universe is-and allows me to bring a little magic,  and really powerful healing and deep insights into people's lives. 

Whether it's the spiritual aspects of your healing, emotional trauma, fear & anxiety, questions about your purpose, unexplained loss, heartbreaks, deaths/births and relationships that simply cannot be dealt with alone-I'm here to support you!

I am so grateful for this wonderful gift, and operate from a place of absolute integrity and love. My wish is to bring light, love and healing to all those I encounter.

My Services

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My Goal for YOU


Finding Your Joy

I truly believe that each of us has very specific reasons we are here: a soul's purpose that will allow us to enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful life. The challenge is that so many of us have become disconnected from our inner voices, that we no longer hear her speak. My aim is to help you re-connect, so that you can live consciously-able to live an empowered life, with clear direction and focus that puts you back in the 'driver's seat' of your journey.


Real Connection

If you're feeling like you not sure whether you need a Psychic Medium, a Psychologist or a Life Coach in Calgary -you've come to the right place, as I'm really a unique combination of both :) I have spent much of my life researching, studying and developing my understanding of self-awareness, spiritual consciousness and healing. My desire is to help you connect with your guides and lost loved ones to find healing, closure and peace. A safe place to explore your personal enlightenment, progress and spiritual growth  with Divine insights into your Soul's Purpose, Life themes, conscious & sub-conscious blockages that are holding you back! There is no need to do this alone! I'm here to support your journey to wholeness and fulfillment, using my gifts as both a clairvoyant/ intuitive and my psychological knowledge to advance and speed up your shift so you can find your path to true Joy & Love.


It's for Everyone

Whether you need help connecting with your partner, or understanding your children, or even need a supportive place to explore family frustrations-we can support you through it. 

Over the years, I've been able to give support to many couples, friends, families and children who are going through challenges to find insight and understanding, and ultimately to find healing.

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